Phil Gramlich – Owner & Founder


I was hit with the Walt Disney World bug at the age of 13. I took my first trip with my family to the Most Magical Place on Earth and it hit me. “I want to work here someday,” I told my parents. Six years later I was a Cast Member at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, making magic for guests each and every day.

I started Ear To There Travel because I wanted to bring a little bit of that Disney magic home to those who were in the planning stages of trips to Disney destinations. I want to make it fun, not intimidating or frustrating! Not only am I a former Walt Disney World Cast Member and Universal Orlando Team Member, but I have what many call an obsession with all things Disney. I’d call it more of a hobby, or a passion…okay, I admit it, it’s an obsession! I’ve done it all: Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruises, Adventures By Disney, & more!

As I say on my podcast, it’s my job to take away all of that stress, all of that anxiety, and all of that time that it takes to book a Disney trip (because it takes an awful lot of time), so you can focus on the fun things like having a fantastic time with your family and friends and enjoying the magic!

Lauren Gaggioli – Vacationeer


A Southern California native, I have been a Disney kid for as long as I can remember. When I was 3, my family started a tradition of going to Disneyland once a year. At 4, I saw my first movie in the theaters: “The Little Mermaid.” At 6, I rode Big Thunder Mountain – my first “big girl” roller coaster!

When my family moved to Georgia when I was 7, my biggest reservation was how far we'd be from Disneyland for our annual trip.
“Don't worry,” my dad told me. “If you like Land, you'll love World.”
He was right. (I have the Annual Passes, D23 Expo tickets, and runDisney bibs to prove it!)

While I am sprinkled in pixie dust like so many of my fellow Disney compatriots, I also understand that not every member of a family on a Disney vacation will be as into the magic as the rest.

I'm here to help every member of your family enjoy their Disney vacation by using my time-, money-, and patience-saving tips and tricks to help you plan fun days in the parks, enjoy exceptional experiences that appeal to even the least magical of your party, and share incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

(If I can get my unDisney hubby to enjoy a day in the Florida heat, I'm sure I can help you too!)

Whether you are lifelong annual trippers or are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime family getaway, I can't wait to help you plan a magical vacation for everyone in your family.

Kim Sexton Daugherty – Vacationeer


My name is Kim, and I love to travel – especially with my family. My husband and I loved visiting Disney when we were dating and now we can’t get enough of sharing the magic with our 6 year old daughter and our almost 4 year old boy/girl twins. We have been taking our children to Disney since they were infants.

I have had several opportunities to travel to some really wonderful places; Pebble Beach, Monte Carlo, Hawaii, Italy, France, Mexico and many others. The one thing I have learned in my travels is that no one does it like Disney. I have been to Disney World many times, on Disney Cruises and to Disneyland. What other place can children and adults of all ages come together and have the times of their life! That’s what I want to create for you – a magical trip! I love working with first timers & families of small children.

I want to take the fear of planning out of your mind and plan the trip you dream of. Something that is very important to me when planning a trip is the attention to details.
I will listen to your ideas and help you customize your itinerary to suit everyone in your travel party.

The best part about memories is making them. I want to be the person to help you make wonderful memories. There is no charge to you for my service so don’t hesitate to ask questions or get a quote.
I am here to help!

Frank Nobert – Vacationeer


My name is Frank and I have been a life long Disney fan. Some of my fondest memories of Disney are of watching “Wonderful World of Disney” on Sunday nights. I knew that I was destined to be a life long Disney fan when I met my wife while working as a local technician when she was working as a props master on the National Tour of Beauty and the Beast back in 1995.

I have spent the last 20 years working in public safety both as a paramedic/firefighter and for the State Police and have always found ways to incorporate Disney in all aspects of my personal and professional life. I was always known as the “Disney guy” at work and have heard more than once, “You're going back to Disney again?!”. I always embraced my Disney side and may have even swayed a few hardcore “non Disney” people along the way.

When I finally left the world of public safety I decided to take my passion for Disney to help others enjoy their vacations and time together as a family. I know how hard it can be to save money for a family vacation and I am dedicated to make sure that you make the most out of every moment and every dollar.

My goal when working with you is to be your own personal “concierge” that will take all the stress, anxiety and confusion out of planning your next vacation and to make sure that nothing is left to chance. If you are ready to book your next vacation or just have questions about what we can offer, please feel free to contact me anytime and I would be more than happy to help. Just remember that there is never any cost to you and my services are completely free to you (I do gladly except Mickey cookies of you are determined to offer me some kind of payment). I look forward to hearing from you and helping you make lasting memories.

Caley Roark – Vacationeer


When my wife and I were looking for a honeymoon destination, I kept recalling the fond memories of my childhood trip to Walt Disney World. It didn't take much convincing to get her to agree to a week long stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Nearly 15 years later, we still take a yearly trip to “The World”–though now we bring our 10 year old daughter along with us. These trips are the highlight of the year for us, and are usually the best chance for us to spend time together as a family, free from the distractions of everyday life.

I'd love to help you experience the same joy I have had, whether its alone, as a couple, or an entire family. As a husband, dad, teacher, and Walt Disney World veteran, I'm confident I can be your guide for whatever getaway experience you are looking for.

Jennie Thomas – Vacationeer


Hi! My name is Jennie and I love everything about traveling! Planning the trip, packing and even sitting at a gate waiting for a flight…I find it all exciting!.

I have loved Disney movies for as long as I can remember…The Little Mermaid was even the first movie I saw in the theater! I fell in love with the Disney parks after my first trip in 2013 when Goofy tried to take my husband fishing!

I have had a lot of opportunity to travel and Walt Disney World has become one of my favorite places because of the level of customer service and the magical experiences that abound in the parks.

After working at a local non-profit for several years, I left to become a homemaker. I love helping people, but my family needed more of my time than I could give while working a traditional job. The best part of being a travel agent is that I get to combine three of my passions…helping people, planning vacations and Disney!.

I'm excited to help you plan an amazing trip…to help take the stressful part out of planning for you and help you focus on making the memories you will treasure forever!

    • Booked a trip to disney next year with Ear to There Travel, so excited. Great deals, travel agent Phil Gramlich took care of everything, helped me to decide on ever aspect of the trip, very informative and knowledgeable about all of Disney, we are going to have a wonderful, fun vacation/p>

      Kathy Leposki, Philadelphia, PA
    • Phil is so flexible and helpful even when I don't know exactly what I want. He treated me like family and took great care of me. Highly recommended!p>

      Aly Miller, San Antonio, TX
    • I can't think of people who know more about Disney World, love it more, and can create a trip for you better!

      Susan Mirsky, New York, NY
    • You guys are my ‘go to' for Disney advice with kids … And I live 1000 miles closer to Disney then you do! That's gotta say something!

      Annmarie McEwan, St. Pete Beach, FL
    • Phil is a consummate expert on all things Disney and traveling as a family. I'd trust him to plan any trip of mine in a heartbeat!

      Peter Leavitt, New York, NY
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