Disney Characters I’d Want My Daughters To Date

If you've been reading my blog and following along a bit, you probably already know that I'm a husband and a father. My wife and I have three wonderful young children: a 4 and 1/2 year old Disney princess-obsessed little girl and twin almost 3 year olds (a boy and a girl) who love Play Doh, cookies, and milkshakes from the ESPN Club at Disney's Boardwalk Inn Resort. My wife and I both laugh all day and have so much fun with our kids at this age and wish they would NEVER grow up, but we know they will someday. Recently, we started talking about what it might be like when they start dating (YIKES), and since my mind is always on Disney and Walt Disney World (hey, it's my job), I thought it might be fun to think about what types of Disney characters they may date in the future. Since I'm a guy and honestly my son can date whoever he wants when he's older (kidding!) I decided to keep this post strictly about our girls. Here are the Disney Characters I'd Want My Daughters To Date.   quasimodo Quasimodo – I'd like to believe that I'm not raising superficial children and that they would never judge a person solely on their appearance. Quasimodo's looks and obvious physical ailments would never be a problem for one of my girls, so I'll dismiss that one right off the bat. Quasimodo is trustworthy, honest, and doesn't apologize for who he is. He gets up bright and early every single day and goes to work (admittedly he has an easy commute, since he lives in the bell tower) and he never takes a day off. He has great friends in the gargoyles (who may or may not be imaginary, but who hasn't had imaginary friends?) and he obviously respects authority since he's been raised by Frollo, a pretty strict disciplinarian. I think Quasimodo would be a perfect match for one of my girls and I'd be pretty excited if he came by and rang our (door)bell!   gaston Gaston – So Belle thought he was rude and conceited, but I disagree. When I see Gaston on the screen, I see confidence and amazing self-awareness. Gaston would make a fantastic provider for one of my girls, since he's obviously an amazing hunter (have you seen the inside of his tavern?) He's incredibly strong and everyone in his little town knows it. Who would have the guts to break into his home to try to burglarize it in the middle of the night? The answer, of course, is NO ONE (get it?!) Gaston also can always see the big picture, well ahead of everyone else. Remember, he wasn't even dating Belle and he had already planned a wedding, a future, and children with her. I like that kind of initiative and forward thinking! I would see Belle's loss as my daughter's gain!   The-Beast The Beast – Sticking with the Beauty and the Beast theme, who wouldn't love for one of their daughters to date The Beast? And I'm not talking post transformation, kind of girlish looking, human form Beast. I'm thinking the guy from most of the movie. First off, his house is AMAZING. Who wouldn't want to hang out in a castle all day with enchanted objects running around?! An oven that can cook things for you so you don't have to? Amazing. A footrest that doubles as a dog to play fetch with? Can't beat that. Plus, the guy has a library that has to rival the largest private book collections in the world, and he just gave it to Belle because she likes books! Sure, he does have an anger issue and goes off into fits of rage when things don't go his way, but really, that's nothing that a little therapy can't  fix.   sultan Sultan from Aladdin – Again, this one might sound a little bit weird because the Sultan is obviously a much older man, but since I'm not planning on my daughters dating until well into their 30's, I don't think the age difference will be that big of a deal. Like The Beast, the Sultan has a pretty amazing house and obviously enjoys a pretty luxurious lifestyle. Sure, there's a lot of poverty around his palace, but what great civilization doesn't have it's share of income disparity? And even though he has all of that money and power, it doesn't look like it's gone to his head. He's pretty down to earth and even a little bit absent-minded, which could be great because I don't think he'd be constantly checking on my daughter's credit card statements.   stromboli Stromboli from Pinocchio – Yes, Stromboli has a bit of a temper. And yes, he does threaten to chop Pinocchio up into firewood if he doesn't keep performing in his puppet show every night. I would say he kidnapped Pinocchio, but I really can't admit that in good conscience since Pinocchio wasn't actually a real boy. Quite honestly, I don't like these personality traits in the future suitor of my daughter. But Stromboli does have some fantastic character traits that would make him an excellent partner. First off, he lives in Italy and performs his show nightly in beautiful little towns across the Italian countryside. Imagine the amazing Italian food my daughter would get a chance to sample on an everyday basis. Second, he's generous. He does pay Gideon and Honest John for bringing Pinocchio to him. It may have been a little less than they wanted, but those two aren't exactly the most trustworthy individuals. Who knows what they're going to use all that money for? I like Stromboli's character and resolve. Sure, he may not always do the right thing, but he stands by his choices right or wrong and owns up to them. That's the type of guy I'd want my daughter to date.   Look, to be honest here, no dad is ever looking forward to that day when their daughter finds another guy that she wants to spend time with. I would love to have my little girls stay my LITTLE girls forever, but that simply won't happen. I'd be really lucky if my girls found guys even half as good as these wonderful Disney characters in the very distant future.   Thank you again so much for reading along and allowing me to bring you another silly list. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Maybe next time I'll post about the Disney characters I'd NOT want my girls to date! If you liked this, didn't like it, or want to say something about it please leave a comment here on this page, send me a message on Facebook HERE, a tweet HERE, or email me at phil@eartotheretravel.com. Also, you can share this blog post anywhere by clicking one of the social network buttons at the bottom and top of the post. Thank you again for reading and please enjoy the rest of your stay here at Ear To There Travel!   All images in this post are property of Disney and not owned by Ear To There Travel        
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4 Responses to Disney Characters I’d Want My Daughters To Date

  1. Thank you for reading, Matt, and I couldn’t agree more! I was hoping this post would come across as a joke and my attempt at humor. I apologize if my post wasn’t as funny as I thought it was in my head while writing it!

  2. My only thing about Gaston is that he treats women more as a possession or an object more then a matter of love or a relationship.

  3. Hi Mike! Thanks for writing and I agree. Everyone else is pretty lousy but Gepetto is playing God in that movie. He definitely would be the worst one for your daughter to date.

  4. The Stromboli headline definitely got my attention. And it sounds crazy at first. However…Given the Pinocchio-based options…stromboli’s not bad. Maybe the most amount of villains in any one movie…Honest John/Gideon/Coachman/Monstro… I’d argue that Gepetto, the puppet master who makes companions out of wood, is actually the least desirable option.

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