Ghost Hunting in New Orleans!

Ghost Hunting in New Orleans!
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28 Responses to Ghost Hunting in New Orleans!

  1. I got scratched on an investigation I did

  2. That’s cool I’ve been ghost hunting before the college my brother went to was haunted

  3. I was in New Orleans years ago, and I cannot remember the name of the hotel that we stayed in. However, every time we took the elevator it would stop at the 11th floor, the door would open and there would be no one there. The doors would close and continue up. Lots of ghosts in New Orleans! Take a cemetery tour! They are awesome!

  4. Where did you leave Amy?

  5. Those long hallways and dark areas are creepy!

  6. Things are going down now!! ??

  7. I wanna go there now even more

  8. Are the other floors haunted

  9. Try again at midnight maybe LOL

  10. It reminds me of bates motel

  11. SHINING! Too much for me. You are brave, Phil!

  12. Dude… what is that low noise? Are you mear train tracks?

  13. May get creepy in the middle of the night hehehe

  14. Is there a time of night when sigtings happen more often?

  15. Phil you’re the man! Lol

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