Episode 86: Top Ten Disney World Hacks

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Welcome to This Weeks Show!

Taking a trip to Walt Disney World can be a complicated vacation to plan. Between booking a resort, dining reservations, FastPasses, navigating four theme parks and two water parks, etc., there is A TON to know before you go. That's why this week's episode will focus on my Top Ten Disney World Hacks.


Want to vacation in Walt Disney World like a boss? My Top Ten Hacks will help you have the best WDW trip ever!


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3 Responses to Episode 86: Top Ten Disney World Hacks

  1. Rick Doherty says:

    I am catching up on your podcast from start to finish. I am currently on Episode 53 but I thought a great topic would be top Disney hacks. I was going to suggest it as a topic to you but low and behold it already exist. I jumped ahead to this podcast and Interesting enough, none of my hacks were on it. I actually have 4. The first I indirectly learned from your Disney for the ladies episode that we plan to try on our trip next year. If you are a DVC member and was planning on getting memory maker anyway, it is actually cheaper to get a Annual Pass for one person in your family than to buy a 4 day pass (in the year 2017, not sure if this will always apply) We have not tried that hack yet but the rest of my hacks we have. The next one is to buy trading pins in bulk off of ebay prior to your trip to trade in the parks. My kids love trading the pins and it is a fraction of the cost. My third hack is to use the child swap in conjunction with a fast pass so that you get 3 for 1. When you do a child swap, you get a paper fast pass for up to 3 guests. We have 3 boys and the older 2 get to ride an attraction back to back with this method. And my last hack may be one that only interests my family but it is to use resort buses on busy days rather than park buses. What I mean by this is lets say for example you are in World Showcase and plan on going to Animal Kingdom. It may be a better route to walk to Boardwalk, Beach Club, etc and use their bus system than to walk to the front of the park to use Epcot’s buses. This is actually really good when a park closes and you were planning to go to Disney Springs. Rather than getting on a crowded bus (if you fit in the first one anyway), walk over to a resort and take a nearly empty bus. Anyway, love the show and hopefully in a month I will be caught up.

  2. Love your podcasts. Hoping to get to Walt Disney World soon.

    • Thank you so much, Jana! I really appreciate that and thank you for listening! And when you go I’m more than happy to help with any advice or anything you need!

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    • Booked a trip to disney next year with Ear to There Travel, so excited. Great deals, travel agent Phil Gramlich took care of everything, helped me to decide on ever aspect of the trip, very informative and knowledgeable about all of Disney, we are going to have a wonderful, fun vacation/p>

      Kathy Leposki, Philadelphia, PA
    • Phil is so flexible and helpful even when I don't know exactly what I want. He treated me like family and took great care of me. Highly recommended!p>

      Aly Miller, San Antonio, TX
    • I can't think of people who know more about Disney World, love it more, and can create a trip for you better!

      Susan Mirsky, New York, NY
    • You guys are my ‘go to' for Disney advice with kids … And I live 1000 miles closer to Disney then you do! That's gotta say something!

      Annmarie McEwan, St. Pete Beach, FL
    • Phil is a consummate expert on all things Disney and traveling as a family. I'd trust him to plan any trip of mine in a heartbeat!

      Peter Leavitt, New York, NY
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