Talking Avatar: The World of Pandora and More!

Join me to talk about the latest Walt Disney World news and more!
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  1. I saw this earlier on the Today Show…. it totally reminded me of your little cutie last night! Guess it happens to the best of them!


  2. My Facebook is all messed up and I always miss these ?

  3. Thank you phil. We will talk latet

  4. Is that my kids i hear?

  5. have a great one, Night!

  6. Have a great night everyone!

  7. Cheers Phil, night all ? time

  8. Thanks, Phil, I really enjoy these. So interesting, always learn something new!

  9. Bring him to Hollywood studios

  10. Could it be something with universal

  11. all of the cars characters

  12. We need an Oswald here in Florida

  13. Let’s bring Oswald to the east coast

  14. We saw Oswald at the front entrance of Disneyland, kind of off to the side, just happened to spot him hiding there.

  15. She was going shopping for new donglehoppers

  16. I wish we had more free roaming characters

  17. why the new costumes for Jasmine and Mulan?

  18. peter pan in disneyland is the best. he follows everyone around

  19. yeah! freeroaming everywhere!! it is awesome!!

  20. I miss sum of all thrills

  21. Lots of new figment stuff.

  22. Dont like ellen! Boring

  23. They got to at epcot

  24. Something needs to be done to wonders of life

  25. Saw new Figment tshirts

  26. Guardians of the Galaxy!


  28. I did get Jiminy Cricket at Ak about 10 yrs ago

  29. Would love more Figment:)

  30. I need Dreamfinder to make a comeback

  31. Miko is at Disneyland all the time πŸ™‚

  32. Captain rex at star wars weekend

  33. Meeko if you get to Ak early sometimes out front

  34. Mushu at mile 12 during Princess 1/2

  35. I loved the breakfast they used to have in MGM in Agrabah, they had so many characters there.

  36. Pocahontas is so amazing.

  37. Dreamfinder and Figment back in ’94

  38. My goal is to meet Meeko

  39. i had a pic with capt hook and smee too. they fought over me!

  40. I got a picture of me and baballo, at animal kingdom

  41. Captain Hook when I was 4 years old in 1987

  42. We have seen many characters that are rare now, but were recent when we saw them.

  43. I do love the mini character palooza in the back of Epcot

  44. I did get pics in MK with Hook and Smee

  45. Gideon back in 94 over by teacups. I don’t remember it well but I’ve got pictures.

  46. 7 dwarves, Christmas Eve. MK

  47. Use to be in Hollywood studios

  48. They did have Max and Goofy last year I heard

  49. My room is full of Jack ..lol…not for you then Phil!

  50. Launchpad was out last week

  51. I don’t get it either!

  52. I’m walking a 5K. Omg. Thank you ?

  53. i wanna meet Dark Wing/Launchpad/Srooge McDuck sooo bad

  54. Any chance for darkwing duck

  55. They had the old maelstrom boats backstage at the princess half

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